The Jenkins Organization Internet Marketing

The Storage Web, LLC, a wholly owned affiliated of The Jenkins Organization, Inc., was formed in 2012 to perform website design and internet marketing activities for all owned and managed properties. The Storage Web, LLC is led by Dayna Dukett, our Chief Information Officer.

A strong internet presence has become paramount in regards to having a successful marketing campaign in the self storage industry. The Storage Web offers a cost effective solution that both large and small operators can utilize to not only compete with their competitors for the online consumer, but actually convert visitors into reservations.

Our goals are as follows:

  • Provide a modern and search engine friendly website template.
  • Increase the web presence of the property through organic search engine results as well as local internet directories.
  • Deliver an internet marketing report to help convert the visitors into reservations.
  • The Storage Web works closely with owners and managers from the beginning of the website design process through the duration of the internet marketing campaign in an effort to fully encompass the internet marketing needs of each property and it’s management team.

Contact Us

  • Address: 2539 S. Gessner #13, Houston, TX 77063

  • Phone: 713.622.6688

  • Email: